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According to Junor, Charles discovered just how much they

2015 balandžio 5
Komentarai įrašui According to Junor, Charles discovered just how much they yra išjungti
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yves saint laurent replica purse Didn have a lot of money in our house, said Shelley Johnson about when she was a kid. Had a lot of problems, which a lot of kids have in this area, and so it really provided a safe place and a fun place. More than that, she said the pool was where she developed her character and spirit alongside many of her friends.. yves saint laurent replica purse

ysl replica bags uk Most of all, I like the method. It always forces Ysl replica bags me to go forward. Again to replica ysl clutch bag outlet the Edmonton Public Library for bringing Gaiman here for the first time. Those new living areas the inmates have their own keys and everything else, said a longtime guard. There is nothing unusual about killers living in these kinds of settings and they are all entitled to apply. A former Sun Media reporter, wrote, covets a spot at medium security Bath Institution, a complex of cottage style dormitories on a sprawling 640 acre lake front property. reference ysl Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags replica bags uk

Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags Was a sustained focus by partners during the construction and commissioning processes of the Slate Falls water treatment plant, the memo reads. The involvement of partners was notably reduced once the advisories were lifted, and their attention returned to other priorities. Document points to issues that will affect the long term quality of drinking water on reserves, including adequate funding for operations and maintenance, proper training and compensation of water operators, and access to technical support.. Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags

yves saint laurent replica bags Arafa says that the military torched her village. As the flames engulfed her home, she just about managed to escape with her six children. That was when the family was confronted by a Burmese soldier. BOSTON (CBS) In his first two years of eligibility, Terrell Owens did not garner enough votes to earn entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That delay was entirely caused by stubbornness and buffoonery from the electorate. The man ranks second all time in receiving yards and third in touchdowns, for goodness sake. yves saint laurent replica bags

replica yves saint laurent clutch The sector is a bright spot in a global market that been hit by sagging prices. While pulse crops enjoyed the highest prices ever as recently as 2016, farmers have since expanded production, creating replica ysl bags a glut. In Canada, replica yves saint laurent purse the number of acres devoted to lentils more than doubled in the past decade while pea plantings have risen eight percent in ysl replica bags china the past five years, government data show.. replica replica ysl handbags yves saint laurent clutch

Ysl replica bags That led to some of the best discussions they ever had as friends, and an interview she conducted with him ends the Night. As she is of the work, Whitney is well aware that it was a tough sell for distributors and bags replica ysl viewers. PBS stepped up. Their yacht was also apparently swarming with staffers, including members of the Royal Navy, so they were hardly alone. According to Junor, Charles discovered just how much they didn’t have in common on the cruise, having hoped to spend time painting and sharing books with Ysl replica handbags his wife, but she was in no mood to read and resented all the time he spent at his easel. She swam and worked on her tan, and they did spend handbags replica ysl a fair amount of time consummating and re consummating their marriage, that part of their relationship being reliably healthy in the beginning.. Ysl replica bags

replica ysl bags However, McDonald’s has received two reports of children who sucked the whistles into their mouths and coughed out pieces. Thankfully, no one has died yet. One child did need medical attention.McDonald’s said the toys were distributed nationwide and in Canada with Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals from October through the first week of November in celebration of ysl replica bags uk Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary. replica ysl bags

replica ysl Cause and effect here is very clear, Coulter wrote in an email Thursday evening, after Nordstrom announced its decision. 230,000 Tweets and who knows how replica yves saint laurent clutch many millions of dollars worth of missed purchases later, they finally heard us. Your Wallet campaign has now targeted more than 60 companies a group that includes Trump own golf courses and hotels, those that sell Trump branded goods, and other businesses whose leaders endorsed Trump replica ysl or donated to his campaign.. replica ysl

handbags replica ysl News reports compared the tragedy only to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy as far as „where were you when.?“ moments go. The Guardian reported the next day that a bouquet of flowers left outside Kensington Palace was accompanied by this anonymously written poem:“I killed her. handbags replica ysl

Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica Most cases FSA did not take actions stronger than correcting the accounts of those affected (and) rarely Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica did the FSA require the servicer to conduct a full file review, the report said. Also rarely penalizes servicers for recurring noncompliance. Its response to the inspector general, the FSA disagreed with the report conclusions but agreed to follow its recommendations for improving oversight Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica.

„I went over to try and calm her down but the woman just went

2015 vasario 24
Komentarai įrašui „I went over to try and calm her down but the woman just went yra išjungti
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Interestingly, a national collaborator of KSOU recently circulated a mail among various institutes informing them about new three year degree course devised and started by the university. These degree courses are BSc in hotel management, BSc in fashion technology, BSc in interior design etc. The collaborator also said there were some other degree programmes such as BSc in multimedia, BSc in fire and safety etc which are under process in the university.

handbags ysl replica Check whether your highschool diploma is generally Abitur equivalent. You need to have taken a certain set of fake ysl on ebay subjects in a certain order to make it so. Instead they think Abitur is similar to a 2 year gen ed degree from a community college.. My mother showed me the resulting phone bill and made some comment about taking it out of my paper route money. It was for $50+ (a lot in the mid 90s). She never did take it out of my money, but she still brings this phone bill up sometimes. handbags ysl replica

ysl replica bags china Getting three to four hours of uninterrupted sleep, then pumping, then going back to bed for another three hours or so was a godsend one of the best ways we can care for ourselves is to be kind. It to recognize that parenting is difficult (and wonderful, and fascinating, and beautiful and oh so messy), and we can be perfect. It to acknowledge that we matter, too. ysl replica bags china

yves saint ysl replica purse laurent replica bags Woman ‘trashes Blackpool gift shop’ and ‘pulls clumps from owner’s hair’ after ‘trying to steal candy floss’Shopkeeper Alice Parker, 50, who runs Spends shop in Blackpool town centre, was allegedly attacked ysl bag replica ebay by a woman who allegedly tried to leave without payingGet daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA raging woman has been caught on camera trashing a gift ysl heels opyum replica shop after she allegedly tried to steal candy floss and a cuddly toy.Alice Parker, 50, says she was attacked by a woman after the suspected shoplifting incident inside Spends shop in Blackpool town centre on Saturday night.The shopkeeper ysl bags replica india claims everything kicked off after staff stopped a customer they believed was trying to leave without paying for two tubs of candy floss and a cuddly toy.According to the Liverpool Echo, she said that the woman, who had a Scouse accent, then assaulted her and tore out clumps of hair from the back of her head.Alice said: „I was working behind the till on Saturday night in the shop.“I noticed a bit ysl replica australia of a ysl replica t shirt commotion at the door after staff stopped a woman from leaving the shop.Homeless man forced to steal food to survive after Universal Credit sanctions“We think she had tried to leave without paying for some candy floss and a cuddly toy. She was with a man and two children.“I went over to try and calm her down but the woman just went berserk. She was screaming at me.“She then grabbed the back of my neck and just pulled me to the floor. yves saint laurent replica bags

Ysl replica „It became this comical reference to downtown Philadelphia following Thanksgiving.“However, in 1961 there was a push to rebrand the day as „Big Friday.““They were worried the negative connotation would keep people from coming to the city,“ said Taylor Blake, who is also a member American Dialect Society.Clearly, the effort didn’t catch on. So now, the retailers have learned to embrace the name, and have even expanded the one day shopping event into a four day marathon.Black Friday’s real deal: Cheap gasBlack Friday is commonly mistaken for being named after the day retail companies would become profitable for the year. Retailers used to record their losses in red ink and profits in black. Ysl replica

replica yves saint laurent clutch April June is the lean agriculture period in the Malwa Nimad belt, where the wheat crop has been harvested and the soybean crop is yet to be sown. The belt, known for its highly fertile alluvial black soil, is considered to be the richest part of Madhya Pradesh. Villages are dotted with farm machine repair shops, big educational institutions, wide roads, and modern procurement centres.. replica yves saint laurent clutch

bags ysl replica LCD however is ysl replica bags uk a totally different tech. Its a transmissive type display, a light source has to shine trough the LCD to make things visible. Problem is, since LCD is based on 2 polarization layers, light that has been transmitted trough the display can’t be shot to all directions, even with IPS, the beam angle per sub pixel isn’t as broad as a emissive sub pixel. bags ysl replica

replica ysl „I seeing him because I like him and he treats me amazingly. Why are you so obsessed with the difference in our heights? Maybe I haven been clear before, but I am being clear now: I done hearing this nonsense from you. I am not here to listen to you talk about this, and if you bring it other up again it will affect the friendship.“. replica ysl

replica ysl clutch bag outlet (Privacy Policy)Facebook AdsThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Amazon Unified Ad MarketplaceThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)AppNexusThis is an ad network. Carbon tax is great. Corporate tax shouldn’t be competitive, it should be fair. NAFTA negotiations were strong, he didn’t bend over. replica ysl clutch bag outlet

Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica Now the down side. The only way this system can be kept up is by exploiting third world countries. The products such as ysl replica textiles we enjoy are only possible through slave labour. And when you are using the gadget there a yellow lazer sight akin to the old lazer sights in that you can see it across the map. The video has ops standing still and letting her switch and shoot to highlight to, but good luck doing it in an actual firefight. She be strong, but very situational. Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica

replica ysl bags Somewhere during this, Amla also got bumped on his chest by an Ishant Sharma snorter. He however remained solid with his technique, getting behind the line of deliveries by moving across his stumps and standing at least a foot away from the crease, just like Kohli had done in Centurion. But India did well to dismiss the rest of the middle order cheaply.. replica ysl bags

Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags While hurricane season was calmer in 2013, there were nuts everywhere. Hickory nuts, acorns, etc. We couldn’t step anywhere without crunching them under our feet. But, for the rest of the show? Why were hidden porn mags used as an indicator for suspicion of Jim Atwood or the question to Leo Humphries about ysl replica heels his taste/use of porn in the final episode? I kind of disappointed that a show that treated most other aspects of sexual assault/rape and it ensuing effects so well would have such a repeatedly harsh attitude towards porn. It simply true that rapists tend to watch substantially more porn than your average person, and that they use ysl fake t shirt porn to justify their actions or groom victims.There also plenty of research to show that watching porn tends to make people more sympathetic to rapists and harsh towards victims (for example, giving rapists a lighter sentence when presented with hypothetical scenarios.Now, i don think porn is evil, but Season 3 is based on research, and the research shows that it causes problems. I think it;s a lot like alcohol: it fine to get drunk now and again, almost everybody does, but you can deny that at a society level, alcohol has a massive social cost, like the number of hospital admissions caused by drink driving, idiots fighting, etc etc.)Some are more reasonable then others, I think Ellie has the right to be a bit paranoid considering Joe and the fact she is taking on a case with a lot of sleazy and creepy people.It also seems like a deeply religious town (even though Paul laments the low numbers at his church), I think because of this they are behind the times, maybe internet isn the greatest speeds hence why so many have saved porn and not streamed Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags.

Currently, students vote in referendums to decide whether or

2014 gruodžio 28
Komentarai įrašui Currently, students vote in referendums to decide whether or yra išjungti
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Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags Minister Merrilee Fullerton also announced the government would axe mandatory student fees that fund student unions, newspapers, clubs and food banks. Currently, students vote in referendums to decide whether or not to pay mandatory fees for these institutions. Now, each student will be able to opt out of the fees, which means these groups’ budgets will take a hit.. Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags

ysl replica bags china Screening According to the Transportation Security Administration, your service dog will have to pass through the same screening process as all other passengers, including a metal detector. You will not be required to separate from the animal, but if the metal detector is set off, you will both be required to go through additional screening. The safety officer should Look At This ask permission before interacting with your service dog, and you will be required to keep the animal bags ysl replica under control at all times.. ysl replica bags china

replica ysl clutch bag outlet Sen. Dean Heller Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags (R NV) as well as Nevada Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt and candidate for Nevada’s 3rd House District Danny Tarkanian. Rep. I shouldn’t be in this small apartment even though yves saint laurent replica purse it’s in a wonderful neighbourhood. We should be in a townhome where Ysl replica bags there’s actually some separation between the kitchen and the living room. Because it doesn’t matter what I do, I can’t go back in time. replica ysl clutch bag outlet

replica ysl bags A former Vancouver business owner recalls: years ago I was lucky enough to escape from Olympic Village/Mount Pleasant in time to save my business. Because I had a great landlord, I had advance knowledge of plans to develop the building site. In that two year period, the land value grew 400 500 per cent and the property tax increases were sure to follow. replica ysl bags

Ysl replica handbags They really invited us into their world, and they weren shy about sharing. Artist aAron munson, also down at Sundance, was one of Fast Horse cinematographers and says, Stampede is so high energy, which contrasts life back on the reserve there just such a stillness there, this opportunity to reflect upon what they doing, the impact this is having on their lives. Footage from the same shoot was earlier seen in Thompson terrific documentary Ysl replica handbags series Equus, which ran on CBC and PBS.. Ysl replica handbags

replica ysl The economic benefits can be huge. The handbags replica ysl Aswan Dam on Egypt’s Nile, for example, Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags was highly controversial when it was built in the 1960s. Yet for all the environmental damage to its downstream river system, you’d be hard pushed to find an Egyptian that advocates its removal. replica ysl

replica ysl handbags Just takes time. THRILLED TO MEET MCDAVIDHall of Famer Bryan Trottier, who won six Stanley Cups four with the Islanders dynasty and Ysl replica two in Pittsburgh was at the rink for the morning skates yves saint laurent replica bags and asked for an audience with McDavid. He had never met before.. replica ysl handbags

handbags replica ysl SATURDAY, FEB. Learn about drip versus overhead watering, how to convert an existing system from overhead to drip, installation options and more. Springville Road. Firstly, we’re usually rushed for time and secondly we’re at a loss for ideas, creatively. Besides, half the time you try something new and it hardly turns out the way you meant for it to (much like a Pinterest fail scenario, if you catch our drift). Well that’s all about to change, thanks to the rad, new dotted eyeliner trend, seen on celebs like Emma Roberts and Zo Kravitz.. handbags replica ysl

bags ysl replica Today Ethnotek purchases handmade textiles directly from the villages they are conceived replica ysl bags in at the exact market rate that the village charges; ysl replica bags china these fabrics are then used as the interchangeable front panel of their packs. In partnering directly with artisans to create their backpacks, Ethnotek helps to preserve a traditional craft; they put money in the hands of workers who are otherwise suffering as a result of the rise of factory produced goods. In turn, they are contributing to a sustainable global economy and preserving cultures and environments that we as backpackers seek to explore.. bags ysl replica

bags replica ysl Samsung Galaxy Wide 2 Samsung Galaxy Wide 2 vs. Gionee A1 vs. Motorola Moto replica ysl G5 vs. Impact and being asked for feedback on the community, whether it from the City of Regina or Creative Sask(atchewan) asking us what we would like to see the creative industries have within the province, and how we would like to see them grow. Than recognizing it as a creative industry, and funding it accordingly, the fashion industry is often confused with consumerism, Petterson said. The art of fashion gets confused with mass production the business side of things. bags replica ysl

Ysl replica bags Reminder: replica ysl handbags be sure to check with your pediatrician before administering Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica any OTC teething remedy.Hyland’s Teething GelAlthough Hyland’s teething tablets were recently recalled by the FDA, its teething gel is still on store shelves. Hyland’s Teething Gel is a homeopathic teething remedy that contains very small amounts of its active ingredients: Calcarea Phosphorica (a mineral that supports teething), Chamomilla (a botanical that relieves irritability), Coffea Cruda (a botanical that relieves the symptoms of wakefulness and diuresis)and Belladonna (a botanical that relieves gum inflammation and redness). Although the Belladonna plant can be toxic when ingested in large doses, homeopathic Belladonna ysl replica bags uk is safe and non toxic, due to the miniscule concentration in the gel Ysl replica bags.

He never actually dealt with Chuck death and what happened

2014 balandžio 20
Komentarai įrašui He never actually dealt with Chuck death and what happened yra išjungti
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There are oodles of pre match adrenaline floating around the approach lanes to Wankhede. White cars with red lights swoosh in and out every few minutes. Traffic whistles blow at short intervals ushering in some VIP car or another. He never actually dealt with Chuck death and what happened between them, and I wonder if he even will at all, or perhaps in the Gene timeline. Who knows. He never going to heal and improve until he does.

replica ysl bags I am placing my bet on the Sena, simply by judging the mood of defectors from other ysl replica review political parties most have favoured the Shiv Sena, a few the BJP. That brings its own perils for it causes resentment among old timers who see tickets slipping out of their grasp. That is also why workers of all parties do not want an alliance even if their leaders do to prevent further reduction of their chances and this is as true now for the Congress, which suddenly finds the NCP cosying up to it as it is of the Sena workers vis the BJP. replica visit their website ysl replica handbags uk ysl bags

ysl replica bags china Drink enough water: If you want to keep the doctor away, eight glasses of water a day is the way to do it. Water is the fuel your body runs on; it is necessary to keep your body functioning well. Drinking enough water can help you with weight loss, detoxification, digestion, beautiful skin and hair, and even easy bowel movement. ysl replica bags china

replica ysl clutch bag outlet As with other MX 5 incarnations, the cornering is when the vehicle showcases its abilities the best. The steering feels precise and fast reacting, which allows for a genuine feel ysl kette fake of what the front wheels are actually doing, even over bumpy terrain. The model seems so composed and wonderfully balanced; you may find that you push harder than you normally might so watch those speed limits!. replica ysl clutch bag outlet

ysl replica bags uk The next thing that is very important is making sure you are using all the right equipment to make sure your fishing trip is one you will always remember. Lots of issues come into play when we are talking about fishing line. Poor quality line ends up in a lot of lost time dealing with tangles and dealing with lost fish.. ysl replica bags uk

yves saint laurent replica purse Talent cards improve your character’s health, damage, stamina regeneration and other attributes. You get free talent cards on random occasions. They can also be purchased at the store for 3000 5000 coins. „I’m so humbled to be in the midst of men and women who have answered the call to prayer and fast for our nation. This Tupelo, Mississippi based Christian group has activity lobbied against the acceptance of LGBTQ Americans by publicly stating, „We oppose the homosexual movement’s efforts to convince our society that their behavior is normal.“ The AFA unapologetically promotes the idea that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that can be cured through religious teachings in ex gay ministries. The organization focuses its anti gay crusade primarily through television and other media, both nationally and abroad.. yves saint laurent replica purse

replica yves saint laurent clutch The most auspicious time for fertilisation will, of course, be determined by the movement of the planets and the horoscopes of the individuals contributing the egg and sperm. Post fertilisation, the zygote must not be disturbed by any form of intimacy between its creators. Again, it is not clear whether this includes the shedding ysl heels opyum replica and drinking of tears.. replica yves saint laurent clutch

Replica Yves Saint Laurent ysl false lash mascara Handbags But I was surprised to see that none of these executives gave a nod to Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Perhaps it’s that he was the first overall pick, and more is expected of him as a result. Perhaps it’s the fact that he seemed to turn off a few NFL decision makers with his swagger. Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags

Ysl replica bags Taking a day or even an hour out of your week to see if they need help washing blankets or walking the dogs can make the big impact, not ysl replica bag australia just for the animals, but also for you too. Please consider giving back this month by making a donation to an animal rescue league or just taking some time out of your busy schedule to see how you can help at your local shelter. Every ysl bags replica india animal deserves love and you could be that person to make a difference.. Ysl replica bags

They would act disappointed (and in some cases annoyed) that I didn remember their drink preferences from previous weeks. They would place their beverage and food orders, then get up and change tables. Not to fuck with me, mind you; they were just being sociable with each other..

Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags John: Kate Trinajstic was over from Western Australia and she was here working with me to describe the, another new species of placoderm and then we put the tail in acid one more time so we could clarify details of the body. And I pulled it out of the acid, stuck it under the microscope and I’m looking down the microscope, and my ysl opyum replica jaw just dropped. And I said to Kate, Kate, I ysl replica aliexpress think we’ve got a Nature paper here. Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags

Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica Some people have a problem with the way their body regulates their blood pressure, particularly when they move too quickly from a lying or sitting position to a standing position. This condition is called postural hypotension and may be severe enough to cause fainting. This type of fainting is more common in the elderly, people who recently had a lengthy illness that kept them in bed and people who have poor muscle tone.. Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica

replica yves saint laurent purse Yeah, the idea that the guy running the government wants to stick it in his pocket is crazy. It not like this is America making the request. As our derp state labors to make Venezuela the next punching bag for economic sanctions, it is entirely reasonable that they might not want to trust vaultkeepers who aren even on the same continent.. replica yves saint laurent purse

handbags replica ysl Locating criminal records are done via fingerprint search. Applicants who wish to access California arrest records will have to obtain a Live Scan Form that they will fill out. When completing the form, the applicant must remember to specify the application type by checking the „Record Review“ option. handbags replica ysl

bags replica ysl My grandparents had separated earlier in the year. My cousin with the previously mentioned piercing, asked grandpa how he liked being alone not having grandmaw around. It was typical at 1st some how, it got to my grandpaw complaining about being tricked/ convinced into “ marrying the 1st thing he stuck his dick in“. bags replica ysl

yves saint laurent replica bags Few emerald rings were not the only ysl replica heels rare possession of British royals. As they have the world most versatile and valuable gemstone and jewelry collection, it is understood that they have some rare emeralds. This member of beryl family was greatly used to symbolize psychic powers, good fortune, immortality, new beginning and purity. yves saint laurent ysl polo replica replica bags

bags ysl replica However, if you have a doubt over the condition of used offset printing machines then, you do not need to get worried about it as there are various printing machine providers who have used printing machine equipments in well functional manner. And it is so good to listen that most of them deliver the machinery to the customer’s place after performing the testing at their end. So, it simply says that purchasing used printing offset solution will not be an issue for you in future as these machines will not annoy you by any fault bags ysl replica.

Kalbos mokymasis

2012 liepos 12
Komentarai įrašui Kalbos mokymasis yra išjungti
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1. Svarstymai apie kalbos mokymąsi


Tiek mokiniai, tiek mokytojai turi savo nuo­monę ar įsivaizdavimą, koks turėtų būti mokymas ir mokymasis. Šio požiūrio moki­niai dažnai neišsako atvirai, tačiau jie tikisi, kad mokytojams jis yra savaime supranta­mas. Toks požiūris susiformuoja iš mokymosi bei mokymosi nuo vaikystės patirčių. Mes visi pritariame tai mokymosi patirčiai, kuri yra mūsų bendro socialinio-kultūrinio konteksto dalis. Tačiau tik tuomet, kai mes mokomės pagal skirtingas metodologijas, turime gali­mybę palyginti ir įvertinti mūsų turimą moky­mosi patirtį.

Pradedantieji mokytojai remiasi klasikiniais pedagogikos principais ir praktika, jie juos taiko savo tiesioginiame darbe. Retai pasitai­ko tokios situacijos, kai mokytojai ir mokiniai kvestionuoja savo vaidmenis. Nepaisant pastangų skatinti mokinių lavinimą, jų nepri­klausomybę ir netgi savarankišką mokymąsi, daugiausia sprendimų klasėje yra priimami mokytojo. Šie teiginiai – tai nėra kritika. Jie paprasčiausiai remiasi keliais tyrimais ir atspindi realią situaciją. Šie teiginiai netgi nekelia nuostabos. Tradiciniai mokymosi metodai visiems susijusiems suteikia saugu­mą. Tačiau įdomiausią mokymo aplinką gali sukurti tie mokytojai, kurie turi įvairiausių žin

read more…

Lietuviams svarbiausia užsienio kalba – anglų

2011 liepos 4
Komentarai įrašui Lietuviams svarbiausia užsienio kalba – anglų yra išjungti
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Per pusę milijono lietuvių skelbia mokantys anglų kalbą, daugiau nei 2 milijonai – rusų. Anglų kalba atrodo esanti lietuviams reikalingiausia, tačiau angliškai šneka daugiausia tik jaunimas. „Lietuva geriausiu atveju vienkalbė šalis, kur šiek tiek „slebizavoja“ angliškai. Apie kitas kalbas sunku ir kalbėti“, – įsitikinęs Vilniaus licėjaus direktorius Saulius Jurkevičius.

Minint Europos kalbų dieną paklausti, kokią užsienio kalbą lietuviams būtina mokėti, DELFI skaitytojai „nubalsavo“ už anglų. Už anglų kalbą savo balsą atidavė 70 proc. (beveik 6 tūkstančiai skaitytojų), daugiau nei pusantro tūkstančio (20 proc.) pasisakė už rusų kalbą.

Pasak S.Jurkevičiaus, Lietuva neįsisąmonina vieno paprasto dalyko: anglų kalba nėra europinė, ja, išskyrus britus, Europoje niekas nekalba. S. Jurkevičius aiškina, kad dėl to absoliuti dalis Lietuvos mokinių tegali stoti į anglakalbių šalių universitetus.

Direktorius sako, kad daugiau pasirinkimų nėra, mat dauguma mokinių 11-12 klasėje tesimoko vienos užsienio kalbos. „Prancūzijoje mokytis be prancūzų, Italijoje – be italų, Vokietijoje – be vokiečių kalbos yra neįmanoma. O kalbą išmokti nėra lengva, o kartais ir beveik nepasiekiama“,- aiškino licėjaus vadovas. read more…

Kiek užsienio kalbų privalome išmokyti savo vaikus?

2011 liepos 4
Komentarai įrašui Kiek užsienio kalbų privalome išmokyti savo vaikus? yra išjungti
by admin

Lietuvos geopolitinė padėtis:
Geografiškai Lietuva įsikūrusi tarp rytų ir vakarų. Tai reiškia, kad esame aktyviai veikiami ir įtakojami iš abiejų pusių. Esant tokioje situacijoje, kiek užsienio kalbų reikia mokėti? Logiškai pagalvoję atsakysite – vieną „vakarietišką“ (pvz. anglų) ir vieną „ rytietišką“ (pvz. rusų, kinų, japonų ar kt.). Prieš dvejus metus „TNS Gallup“ atlikto tyrimo duomenimis, net 69 proc. Lietuvos gyventojų yra linkę pritarti teiginiui, kad kiekvienas Europos Sąjungos gyventojas, be savo gimtosios, turėtų mokėti bent dvi užsienio kalbas.

Kokiomis kalbomis kalba lietuviai?
Lietuvoje 95 proc. piliečių be gimtosios kalbos moka ir dar vieną užsienio kalbą. Vis dar daugiausia Lietuvos gyventojų moka rusų kalbą. Šia kalba gali susikalbėti net 79 proc. lietuvių, o angliškai kalba tik 26 proc. read more…

Lietuvių kalbos komisija – lietuvybės griovėja?

2011 gegužės 6
Komentarai įrašui Lietuvių kalbos komisija – lietuvybės griovėja? yra išjungti
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Dabartinė Valstybinė lietuvių kalbos komisija – galima lietuvių kalbos ir kultūros nuosmukio priežastis

Daugelį lietuvių erzina dabartinė valstybinės kalbos politika. Žmonės nebenori kalti vis besikeičiančių oficialių skyrybos taisyklių, naujadarų, nenori atsisakyti dar jų senelių vartotų, tačiau valdininkų sprendimu staiga tapusių „nelietuviškais“ žodžių ir posakių. Vis daugiau vaikų pareiškia, kad „lietuvių kalba niekam nereikalinga“ ir visas savo jėgas skiria užsienio kalbų studijoms. Lietuvių kalba, o ir pačia lietuvybe nusivylusių lietuvių daugėja su kiekvienais metais. read more…

Anglų kalba sunki tėvams, jų vaikams – lietuvių

2011 balandžio 17
Komentarai įrašui Anglų kalba sunki tėvams, jų vaikams – lietuvių yra išjungti
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Mažus vaikus auginantys tėvai Anglijoje vaikui pradėjus tarti pirmuosius žodžius labai greit pastebi, kad jie daug lengviau išmoksta angliškai negu lietuviškai. Lietuvių kalbos įgūdžiai ypač suprastėja vaikui pradėjus eiti į anglišką darželį ar mokyklą. Dar viena problema, kuri išryškėja lietuviukui augant anglakalbėje aplinkoje – žodžių tarimas. Kiek lietuviškai tarsenai turi įtakos anglakalbė aplinka? Kaip pasiekti, kad vaikas ne tik lietuviškai kalbėtų, bet ir kad jo kalba būtų suprantama ne vien mamai ir tėčiui, bet ir aplinkiniams? Apie tai kalbamės su specialiąja pedagoge, logopede Inga Mendelyte. Dvejus su puse metų Londone gyvenanti moteris atlieka kalbos tyrimą ir teikia konsultacijas vaikams, kurių kalbiniai įgūdžiai nėra pakankamai išvystyti.

– Kada supratote, kad čia gyvenantiems lietuvių vaikams reikia specialios pagalbos?
– Daug mano pažįstamų turi vaikų ir kartą bendraujant aš pasakiau, kad esu logopedė, kad tą darbą dirbau Lietuvoje. Taip tėveliai vienas po kito pradėjo kalbėti apie problemas, kurias turi jų vaikučiai. Dirbau vaikų darželyje, tai taip atsitiko, kad penkias dienas per savaitę su vaikučiais angliškame vaikų darželyje dirbdavau, o savaitgaliais važinėdavau į lietuvių šeimas, kurios kreipdavosi į mane pagalbos. Taip visus metus ir man pasidarė per sunku. Išsinuomojau patalpas, įsirengiau kabinetą ir dabar vaikus priimu savo namuose.
– Kada išryškėja, kad vaikas turi kalbos problemų?
– Dažniausiai tėvai dėmesį į vaiko kalbėseną atkreipia tik tada, kai jų draugai ar pažįstami pasiskundžia, kad nesupranta, ką jų vaikas sako. Arba nueina į svečius pas šeimas su vaikais ir pamato, kad, pavyzdžiui, jų vaiko kalbiniai įgūdžiai kitokie nei jo bendraamžių. Paprastai, tėvai patys supranta, ką vaikas sako, ir jiems nekyla klausimų. Bet vaiką parvežus į Lietuvą pas senelius, būna, kad jie nebesupranta, ką vaikas kalba, nes vaikas, kad ir kalba lietuviškai, bet vartoja daug angliškų žodžių, jo tarimas angliškas.
– Ar tėvai laiku pastebi vaiko kalbos sutrikimus ir ką jiems daryti?
– Pastebėjau, kad tėvai čia yra labai apsileidę lietuvių kalbos klausimu ir tik tada, kai vaikui sueina 3 metai, atsibunda, kad kažką reikia daryti. Nėra per vėlu taisyti kalbą, bet kuo anksčiau, tuo geriau. Jeigu vaikas neturi organinių pakitimų, jei nebuvo gimdymo traumų ar paveldėjimo, nereikia nerimauti – vaikas tik painioja lietuvių ir anglų kalbų žodžius ir su tėvų pagalba jis gali juos atskirti. Bet jei būna paveldėjimas ar gimdymo trauma, ir dėl to yra paveikta vaiko kalbėjimo motorika, o tėvai atveda vaiką, kai jam 8–9 metai, tuomet sunku sužadinti motyvaciją. Jis supranta, ką sako tėvai, su broliu jis jau kalba angliškai, jis jau žino, kad toje aplinkoje, kur gyvena, yra vartojama anglų kalba, draugų lietuvių jis neturi. Turėjau tokį vaiką ir jis man tiesiai ir pasakė – man tos kalbos (lietuvių – red. pastaba) nereikia. Mažesniems daug lengviau sužadinti motyvaciją, sudominti.
– Ar čia daugiau vaikų, kuriems kyla problemos su artikuliavimu, tarimu?
– Kiek susidūriau, čia logopedinių paslaugų poreikis mažesnis nei Lietuvoje. Tėvai galvoja – išaugs, dar suspės, mes lietuviškai kalbam ir jis pradės. Jie randa daug pasiteisinimų. Kita vertus vaiko tarimui dažnai įtakos turi anglakalbė aplinka. Tokiais atvejais užtenka su vaiku pasikalbėti, paaiškinti, kad taip vienas ar kitas garsas tariamas angliškai, o taip tariamas lietuviškai, ir vaikai gana greit pradeda skirti. Bet jei abiem kalbom yra tarimo problemų, tada reikia specialisto. Bet aš dirbu ne vien su tarimu – mokau dėmesio sutelkimo, smulkiosios motorikos pratimų, nes kalba susijusi su daugybe bendresnio pobūdžio dalykų.
– Kokios dažniausiai pasitaikančios klaidos, kurias daro tėvai, ir kurios gali atsiliepti vaiko sugebėjimui kalbėti lietuviškai?
– Kiek man teko susidurti, dažni tokie atvejai, kad kol vaikas dar nekalba, jam leidžiama angliškus filmukus žiūrėti, skamba angliškos dainelės ar televizijos programos. Kai tik vaikas pradeda tarti žodžius, tėvai tuomet susirūpina – reikia lietuviškų knygučių, lietuviškų filmukų. Bet tuo metu kalbos pagrindai jau būna susiformavę, nes vaikas net jei nekalba, jis girdi ir įsimena aplink esančius garsus. Aš nesakau, kad jau viskas, nebegalima nieko pakeisti, bet daug sunkiau, nes lietuviškas filmukas vaikui jau nebeįdomu, jis nori to, prie ko jo ausis jau priprato. Atsiriboti nuo anglų kalbos nereikia, bet jos kiekį reikia riboti, nes anglų kalba daug lengvesnė nei lietuvių, ir nors čia atvykę suaugusieji jos neišmoksta, arba pramoksta labai nedaug, bet vaikui ji daug lengviau įsimenama.
– Kaip pasiekti, kad lietuvių kalbos mokymasis vaikui netaptų sunkia ir nemalonia prievole?
– Kiekvienam vaikui labai svarbu lietuviškai bendrauti su savo bendraamžiais, jiems tai paskatinimas kalbėti lietuviškai. Mokyklėlės, lietuviški darželiai – labai gerai, vaikai susiranda draugų ir sužino daugiau apie tą šalį, apie tai, kas yra ta Lietuva, nes dažnai Lietuva jiems ta vieta, kur gyvena močiutė ir senelis. Bėda tik ta, kad mokyklėlės būna savaitgaliais, o tėvai pavargę ar užsiėmę, jos yra toli… Bet netgi jei nėra galimybių vaiką vesti į lietuvišką darželį ar mokyklėlę, tiesiog reikia duoti skelbimą į laikraštį ar internetą, gal arti aplink yra šeimų su panašaus amžiaus vaikais. Juk mūsų čia daugybė, o vaikams bendravimas lietuviškai yra labai svarbus. Ir tėveliai, jeigu vaiką išveža į Lietuvą atostogoms mėnesiui ar dviem, grįžus jie pamato labai didelę pažangą. Ilgos atostogos Lietuvoje – geras būdas mokyti lietuviškai. Reikia branginti kalbą, nes kitaip ji bus prarasta. Žodynas čia lietuviukų skurdus, bet nieko nekaltinu, tėvai užsiėmę, jiems reikia daug dirbti…
– Ką tėvams daryti pastebėjus, kad vaikas turi tarimo problemų?
– Jei neištaria žodžių ar garsų, jei kyla klausimas dėl kalbėjimo įgūdžių, tada tiesiog gali ateiti ir pasitikrinti. Pas mane konsultacija nekainuoja. Pagal tam tikrą metodiką ištiriu vaiko žodyną, artikuliaciją, tėvam pateikiu išvadą, ir po to jie sprendžia, ar reikia jiems specialisto pagalbos.

Prieš svarbų susitikimą – į užsienio kalbos mokyklą

2011 kovo 23
Komentarai įrašui Prieš svarbų susitikimą – į užsienio kalbos mokyklą yra išjungti
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Jaučiatės gana tvirtai mokantis užsienio kalbą ar net kelias jas, tačiau artėjant svarbiam verslo susitikimui arba kylant karjeros laiptais ir laukiant darbo pokalbio užsienietiškai, ima šiek tiek drebėti kojos? Jūs ne vienas toks. Lietuvoje veikiančios kalbos mokyklos sako vis dažniau sulaukiančios ne tik nuo nulio kalbą pradedančių krimsti mokyklinukų, bet ir garbių verslininkų ar politikų, medikų ir teisininkų, prieš svarbius profesinius įvykius suskumbančių užsirašyti individualioms pamokos, pagilinančioms specifines užsienio kalbos žinias.

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